It is a rare thing to come away from training feeling that you absolutely have the confidence to run a programme straight away. Cathy & Carole are amazing trainers. They make everything so easily understandable. I am so much more informed and knowledgeable.

The training went above and beyond. I learned more than I bargained for. One of the best courses I have been on. Brilliant, knowledgable trainers. I have come away feeling really inspired. I would highly recommend to other professionals.

The last three days has been intense and long, but I have learnt so much. the trainers knew exactly what they were talking about. Excellent training!

Who's in Charge? training has impacted on me massively as I have been verbally abused by my son over years. Even though he is now older, I will be using some of the strategies with him.The trainers were amazing and explained everything thoroughly at all times.

Absolutely fabulous training. I have much greater insight into how many parents this issue affects. Carole & Cathy were amazing trainers, patient and able to explain everything in a supportive way. I loved each and every day.